Migrating from Business Suite to Protection Service for Business

Many companies are moving away from having their own datacenters and dedicated IT teams, and are starting to move their infrastructure towards cloud-based solutions.


F-Secure is ready to help our partners achieve this, by having the cloud-managed Protection Service for Business. This solution does not need any dedicated servers to run a management portal, everything can be managed using a web-browser.


For customers who are already using our on-premise Business Suite with Client Security, we can now offer an easy way to migrate the protected workstations to cloud-managed Computer Protection. Just a few quick and easy steps are required from the Business Suite administrator:


  1. Import the migration Jar file into Policy Manager
  2. Configure the distribution with a valid PSB subscription key
  3. Distribute Policies


The full step-by-step process is documented in the Help Center, and we’ve prepared a demonstration video to show this process in action:


Migrating Client Security installations to PSB Computer Protection


Please note, for security reasons, in this video we do not display the actual keycode used.


Also, please note that currently the configurations made at Policy Manager cannot to migrated to Protection Service for Business. In case you want to use custom profile in Computer Protection it is recommended that you first create your custom profile in the management portal with a pilot group and migrate the Client Security directly to this custom profile.


The exact same process can also be used to move from Business Suite’s Server Security to PSB Server Protection, and if the company has a valid subscription key for PSB Premium or RDR variants, these can also be used in migration.

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