F-Secure Key - could not connect to the server when syncing

I have used Key Premium with my Windows 10 and synced with IPhone 8 successfully for at least a year. After I bought new Windows 10 pc and installed Key there, after opening it I have selection:


Create Master Password


If you already have KEY in another device, simply connect devices

Connect devices -> 

I then generate code with my IPhone, enter it to "Enter sync code" -field but I get error


"Could not connect to the server. Please check your internet connection."


I have tried with and without Freedome, and added Key to Firewall rules allowed, tried to run it in administrator mode but still same error. 



  • Ukko
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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    First of all, since it is a fresh Windows 10 - could you check that all updates are installed for system.

    Then, does it possible that security solution will prevent connection to F-Secure's servers? I mean not a Firewall, but something as "AV / Internet Security".

    By the way, does it possible to check whether your subscription is still valid or expired.

    In addition, maybe there is a specific network configuration with device (proxy?!). Or even to check whether your mobile device with good state for its outbound connection (for example, if sync process should be with both sides).


    All in all, another option is to contact their official Support channel (Chat as example):



    There were Knowledgebase articles about requirements for sync (used domains for validation subscription status and so) - but articles are not available on current day. Thus, good to ask Support about any limitations or known troubles.



  • etag99
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    Many thanks for reply Ukko.

    - All updates installed: May 19, 2019—KB4505056 (OS Build 17763.504)

    - Tried to excluded Key folder in F-Secure Safe 

    - Subscription is valid until next year

    - All other internet works fine


    I will open a support case for this. thanks for help

  • Ukko
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    - Tried to excluded Key folder in F-Secure Safe 

    Since your experience is about F-Secure SAFE - then it will be strange if trouble with such layer.

    But - I do able to recommend not to exclude KEY folder. Instead to check against Browsing Protection module. For example, temporarily disable option to "block harmful-rated websites" (or even Parental Control content blocker too) and then to try sync devices.


    Anyway, I think that Support with all abilities to understand and find reason much better. And, of course, to fix it.



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