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Hi there we have F-Secure Client Secuity standard version 14.02

We have applied a policy to block iexplorer to test, however it doesn't seem to work?


I am not sure what needs to be done?


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    Please provide basic info, e.g. which OS do you use?


    Since IE is part of the Windows system, I think one cannot realistically expect a user-level program to block it. (Note that F-Secure protection products do not include kernel-mode components, to prevent the possibility of any BSOD occuring due to intereference with the OS's operation).


    I think there may be an AD GPO setting to force the use of Edge browser even if the end-user tries to start IE?


    Best regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • NateUHNateUH Posts: 9

    Thanks for that, 


    In which case how would I go about blocking something like TeamViewer.exe?

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    Hello NateUH,


    Regarding your initial question. Application control is CS Premium feature. You can find this in the Release notes.


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