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[SOLVED] Software Updater keeps on installing an update and requesting a restart

Products affected: Computer Protection and Client Security


Problem: Software Updater keeps on installing an update and is asking for restart over and over again.


Visible effects: Software Updater request repeatedly for a system restart.


Workaround: Add the exclusion, BULLETIN=IVA18-001, BULLETIN=IVA18-002, BULLETIN=MSNS18-01-4078130, in the Profile Editor at Software Updater > Exclude software from automatic installation.


Fix: Update on June 10: A global exclusion to the problematic update BULLETIN=IVA18-001 has now been created and is available in the channel. To verify that the fix is ready on your device, click Check now on the device and check the profile timestamp.


Internal reference: CSBP-16816

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