F-Secure to the maximum performance!

Greetings to all members of the F-Secure community,


Today I will give you an easy and simple way to put the efficiency of your F-Secure products (except Sense) to a maximum! How will this improve your F-Secure products? For example: scan time, software reaction or priority over other programs. Here is a simple batch software executed (as Administrator) at startup of your computer. This one will simply put all your F-Secure programs in constant real time (to let run on the computer in background).


You can find this program useless but if some would like to get it because they are interested here it is :




The batch code used: 


F-Secure.pngHere is the code of the batch that will be launched on your computer(I am French so if what you read is not understandable please excuse me I use Google Translate)

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