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FmanFman Posts: 4

hi, ive been using fsecure key for sometime now with no issues, but yesterday it stopped syncing with my phone. I checked my account homepage and key is greyed out, when i click on it, it brings me to the upgrade page to pay extra. 

dont know why this is as ive been using it for ages. im on a discounted package for 5 devices through virgin media which is valid until november.


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  • SethuSethu Posts: 656 Moderator
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    Hello @Fman 


    Thank you for sharing us your feedback and I am so sorry to hear that, I doubt the subscription for KEY premium is already expired as result the sync stopped. I have now asked again the case owner and provide a new reclaim key for you. All you need to enter a new voucher code on your F-secure KEY that should solve the sync issue.


  • SethuSethu Posts: 656 Moderator

    Hello @Fman 


    We need to check your My F-secure account information in order to provide a new reclaim code for your F-secure KEY. For that, please contact the F-Secure Support.

  • FmanFman Posts: 4

    I have contacted support and they weren’t very helpful, guy on the phone seemed to know very little about the software. Can you help?

  • FmanFman Posts: 4

    Hi Sethu,

    thanks for your reply,  how do I get this voucher code?

  • JaimsJaims Posts: 413 Moderator

    Hi @Fman 


    Our colleague from support team already sent you an email yesterday. Kindly confirm that you received it, else we can ask that it should be resent. 


    All the details are in that email. 

  • FmanFman Posts: 4

    Hi jaims,

    i can confirm that I received the email yesterday evening and it’s now working again. 

    Thank you

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