F-secure KEY - User Guide - Where is it?

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How can I get access to Key for Android user guide?


I have not found guide about how to actually use Master Password recovery code (QR-code). I do have the QR-code, generated on my Android phone. 


I have forgotten my Master password but still can use Key on my phone with fingerprint detection. But Key software on my Android Pad is asking for Master password.


All advise is very welcome. 


  • siplax
    siplax Posts: 9 Explorer

    First of all, sorry for this late reply. I followed the link and advise that you provided. Everything is OK now. I got hold on the Master pass code that I had forgot. 


    I created with my phone a new recovery barcode. Access to KEY in my phone by fingerprint detection. I followed the instructions to recover my Master pass code. The brand new recovery barcode was accepted and the Master pass code came visible. Then I opened KEY in my Android pad and typed in the Master pass code that I now knew. It was accepted and pad's KEY software was synchronized. Done.


    Ps. For Your Information. Writing this text is a nightmare with Android version 8 in my Huawei M5 pad. I must be very careful not to post the text by accident. The control moves unintentionally so that next click would be Post. Also moving the cursor somewhere into the text for e.g. editing is very difficult. That is the point where next click is suddenly "Post the text". 

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