Critical bug after latest firmware update: tv not able to connect

Tuge Posts: 14 Observer

The latest sense firmware update ( has introduced a critical bug. My smart-tv (Panasonic TX-65CXC725) is no longer able to get a reliable Internet connection. It connects to the router correctly, but the internal diagnostics software of the tv is unable to verify Internet connection about every second time the diagnostics is run. None of the apps of the tv requiring Internet are working.


Restarting the tv has no effect. Same with restarting the Sense router. Nothing else has changed in my network setup, and connection of the tv was working just fine before the update.


This is a severe issue that needs to be fixed ASAP.


  • Jaims
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    Hi @Tuge 


    May I know if you are connected to the Smart TV via WiFi or Cable? You may want to try that too if you haven't but if the issue is same on both connection mode, then we would suggest you contact our customer support to try to isolate the issue for you.


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