Re: F-Secure Key with import problem of the CSV file

What is very accurate please?

I first managed to import, but fields were wrongly mapped. Now, the importer only indicates that the csv cannot be read. Tried xml, same problem.


I do a lot with csv, json, xml so I should know how to generate, but F-Secure gives me the feeling of being a novice with these formats.


Any help appreciated. What are the headers supposed to read, what csv format to export in Excel? Which setting to import in F-Secure?


  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 724 Moderator

    Hello @Jan_de_Wit 


    Please refer this KB article to know more about list of supported formats, password managers, and steps for import passwords in KEY.





  • I have read and followed that article. Yet in the best case the import makes a field mis-match (only imports the headers) or indicates that it cannot import. There is no detail in the error report only that it cannot import.


    Please provide a sample csv or json.



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