Subscription status not synced Android - Windows / renewal

Few days ago I noticed my Windows 10 KEY dropped to  Free status, same happened on another Windows 10 laptop.


Android phone and tablet still show status Premium, susbscription effective until 20.3.45983


Same thing happened a year ago, just checked from old emails with Customer Care.


No notices about renewing, no error messages about syncing. Annoying behaviour!

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    Hello @LS-O_O ,


    Based on your email, I have managed to find your latest order for F-secure KEY premimum made on March 13, 2019 in our payment system.


    Did you activate your renewal code for F-secure KEY premium? if yes, but the issue still remain on your two windows 10 machine. May I ask you try re-install the F-secure KEY on your windows 10 and try sync data?




  • LS-O_OLS-O_O Posts: 4



    new code, new problems.

    1) Used the code on Win 10 laptop, OK. It's now Premium.

    2) Could not join with Android phone (Win codenumber ==> Android, or opposite way), had to remove and reinstall app to Android. Then joining as "new device" worked.

    3) Same problem with Android tablet, same solution.

    4) Other laptop did not seem to accept code, gave error "invalid code", but Surprise! It syncs.


    Adding bogus passwords on devices... They sync OK. Phew!!!


    Not smooth, I think I'll be writing again in a year.

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