Force use another update server


is any way to use antoher update server ? I want to add in PM update server address and send it to PC for example Can i do this?


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    F-Secure has a variety of ways to deliver the Updates. PM-Proxy, Reverse Proxy, Fallback et al.

    So please do not ask how to implement a certain way that seems out of the products scope, but explain what you want to achieve. This will help to find and explain the best solution.

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    I want to use f-secure update server, not PM.

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    While I still have no Idiea why you would like to do that try this:

    1) F-Secure will automatically fall back to F-Secure Servers if  PMS is not available.
    2) If you want to force that use the servers firewall to deny access to port 80.



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    I need this because I have computers that do not have access to PM, I tried to use fallback for f-secure servers, but then the client keeps trying to connect to the PM and the update is not successful.

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    > I have computers that do not have access to PM


    Such computers (e.g. travelling laptops) should rather use the "F-Secure PSB" service instead. That's an ideal mobile AV solution, with cloud-based connectivity and management through webportal. Ask F-Secure logistics if some of your license seats could be converted for PSB use?

    (In the future SAV PSB and Client Security may be unified in a seamless infrastucture but I don't know the exact timeline.)


    Alternatively, if you don't want another product, why not provide  VPN connectivity for the laptops so that F-Secure Client Security endpoints can always access the Policy Manager Server? (Though reliable and peformance VPN could incure HW costs for gateway appliance.)


    Alternatively you could make the the Policy Manager Server public-net accessible through a DMZ, so F-Secure Client Security endpoints can always access it, when in the office or when travelling. (Though I would only recommend that method with a Linux OS based F-Secure PMS!)


    All in all, F-Secure Client Security is not designed for standalone use, it doesn't have a standalone installer, the local GUI doesn't have full functionality, etc. It should have PMS connectivity, with only short, occasional off-line periods.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher.

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