Can't connect a new scanner to Sense WiFi

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I got a new Fujitsu xi500 scanner and can't connect it to my Sense router over WiFi.  I swapped out the Sense router for my old router provided by my cable company and the scanner connected to that one without a problem.  I then swapped back to Sense and it again will not connect. So it is specific to the Sense router. When trying to connect my scanner, I get as far as entering the password, but it does not connect.   I am entering the correct password. I tried powering off and on Sense and it made no difference.


All of my other devices can connect to Sense without a problem, and I have been using Sense for about 6 weeks without a problem.  Only this new scanner has a problem connecting. How to fix?

In the Sense app on my phone, the status is "Everything is Ok". 


Model Number FSEC-SE161, security firmware 2018-11-21_01-p- radio firmware


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    Hello @Fido1


    According to your Fujitsu xi500 scanner I can see  the supported WiFi  frequency  2.412 GHz to 2.462 GHz / 2.412 GHz to 2.472 GHz. With F-secure sense, you can see 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network channels are visible and I would ensure that you are trying to connect to the 2.4GHz channel of the Sense but NOT the 5 GHz


    Also, please make sure that your Sense password to be same as the one configured for your old router's WiFi.




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    No, it didn’t.

    I had the same SSID for 2.4 and 5.  So I changed them to have different names.  Then I connected the scanner to the 2.4 channel but it did not work.  I then used the macOS tool to pick the best channel and changed to the best one for 2.4.  Still did not work.

    The scanner is about 9ft / 3m from the router.


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