Wi-Fi connection very unstable when network SSID broadcasting is hidden

Many device (pc, phones...) are still regularly disconnected few seconds after being connected when guest network SSID is hidden/not broadcasted...

Logs are also still not accurate which is a key security weakness to actually control the network, especially as alerts (in the few rare cases they actually happen) are not visible on the device leds nor by any notification unless you look proactively well inside the application only available on a single device and only at home...


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  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 720 F-Secure Employee

    Hello @F_DU


    May I know the version of your F-secure Sense? have you recently peformed firmware upgrade for sense?


    Please have a look this link to know more about latest version of sense. 


    Since when you have been faccing the connection issue?  have you tried to Reset the Sense router?

  • F_DU
    F_DU Posts: 9

    I always keep updating to the latest version of firmware and application, so I currently have p- from 2018-11-21 and Version 1.7.2606 of your iOS application.

    I did reset quite few time (by the way being able to automatize such reset on a regular/ customized schedule would be a very good feature to avoid blocking points when you are not here without access to your network setup) but without any positive impact on the problem and currently, without any further reset and for quite unknown/mysterious reason, the problem has disappear with one device (PC) but is still there on many others.

  • F_DU
    F_DU Posts: 9

    Given that it was not linked to weak signal as devices with unstable connexions were always only a couple of meter from the Sense, I was rather expecting some firmware related issues, but I did follow your advice and tried to use another Wi-Fi channel although I don’t know what sort of rational we should apply to select one rather than any other ones...

    So having no rational background, I did not answer immediately to be sure of the stability of the solution, and now after few (random) channel tries, I can confirm that I was lucky enough to finally have a stable solution for now around one month with all 3 devices affected by the problem initially…

    So I cross my fingers, and hope that the problem is now completely closed, but it could be good if you can provide to the whole community some basic rules/rational to apply  to select the optimal channel in each of our diverse/miscellaneous contexts.

  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 720 F-Secure Employee

    Hello @F_DU 


    Glad to know you have managed to performed the basic troubleshoot steps that solved the issue. Thank you for your suggestions on how to improve our KB article and maintain  the customer's satisfaction.

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