Will Computer Protection RDR uninstall VPN clients?



When deploying Computer Protection RDR, does it uninstall VPN, Antimalware and Firewall? Do I need to add any extra parameters? (example. --skip-sidegrade "*")


I know the standalone Computer Protection has a sidegrade database which will uninstall applications that thinks it will conflict with. 

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    There are currently 2 separate installers for RDR:

    • Computer Protection & RDR (used for Computer Protection & RDR subscriptions)
    • RDR Standalone (Used for RDR only subscriptions running alongside an endpoint protection product from another vendor)

    The RDR Standalone installer does not do sidegrades so nothing should be uninstalled in that case. 

    The Computer Protection & RDR installer is the same as the Computer Protection installer so in this case you would need to specify the --skip-sidegrade option as described in this post:




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