Sense port forwarding - how to insert a range of ports

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Hi!  I would need to add open a range of ports on my Sense router, is there a way to do it?
I would need to open ports from 15000 to 65000 for testing purpose. Is there a way to add it 15000-65000 at once?
I would have also to specify "In" or "Out " for ports.
I searched the article on port forwarding, and it is not so clear about what is a public or a private port.

Thank you for your help :) 


  • Scte
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    Any feedback on this please?

  • Sethu
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    Hi @Scte


    Sorry for the delayed in response,  there is no option to configure port range using the SENSE device as our sense team is not being implemented. Currently, the possible way for you is  configure the port forwarding one by one.


    The "public" port is the port which appears on the WAN(Internet side). When remotely connecting you will use that port.


    The "private" port is the port used to connect to the device on your LAN.

    We have feature request page for SENSE product. You can post your request directly at this page.  

  • Scte
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    Hi @Sethu


    Thank you for your feedback :)

    I will post this feature request, It could be useful. 


    Is it the UPnP disabled by default on the Sense router?


  • Sethu
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    Hello @Scte


    At the moment, F-Secure SENSE has no uPnP functionality.  We really thank you for sharing your feedback which we deeply appreciate. We value your opinion and see it as an opportunity to learn and improve.



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