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We are using Bomgar (Beyond Trust) Privileged Access, which performs credential injection on websites and other devices. Since using unique URLs for the PSB portal our tooling stopped working (because the Login button has to be clicked in order to be redirected, https://community.f-secure.com/t5/Business/New-PSB-login-flow-and-two/ta-p/112470). Is there a possibility we receive a URL to a signin page that does not require a unique string?


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    The global F-secure authentication service, which is what PSB recently started using, can be a bit painful sometimes. We clearly need to introduce some improvements in that area. Anyway, before you end up with your unique URL, you are in fact redirected to https://portal.business.f-secure.com/?region=emea&redirect=psb (assuming that your account is stored in one of the European instances) and only this page redirects you to your unique URL, so hopefully this one will be what you're looking for.


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