How to let new user to connect F-Secure policy manager console?

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We have a need admin who needs access to FSPMC.

I've added the admin on the administrators group on the server that FSPMC is installed and also to FSPM group. 


When user open PMC and enters his credentials, he gets an error message "Cannot connect to the server: authorization failed because the specified user credentials are invalid." 


We've triple checked the username/password



E: FSPM service restarted, server restarted, didnt help.

PMC version 13.11.84108


  • MJ-perComp
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    the default user for the console is "admin"
    the password for the admin is created during the first setup.

    if you have to reset that password, stop the FSMS service and run

    "reset-admin-account.bat" from the .../bin folder.



  • A-Grinkevitch
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    Hello Hyvokar,

    Are you able to log into PMC from the same host with other credentials?

    Did you add new PM account or trying to use domain user that belongs to already added AD group?




  • hyvokar
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    Hi A-Grinkevitch


    I'm able to login with my domain credentials from the same host. 

    Trying to enable new-aduser to use PMC. We dont have a group defined, but I think that's a smart thing to do. Just found where to add users on PMC. Thanks!

  • A-Grinkevitch
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