[SOLVED] Software updates not reported properly in the PSB portal

Products affected: PSB Computer Protection versions 18.17 and later

Problem: The number of missing software updates reported by the Software Updater (SWUP)-component in the clients does not match the updates available for installtion through the PSB portal. The portal shows a higher number of updates missing than what are available for installation. This is due to the client using a newer version of the SWUP-component that covers a larger amount of software.

Visible effects: Devices in the PSB portal report that a number of updates are missing, and when trying to assign updates for installation only a smaller amount are availabe. This leaves the client in a state where it is constantly marked as missing software security updates.

Workaround: The client uses its newer database to install security updates automatically. Automatic installation of All/Important/Critical security updates should be enabled by the PSB administrator in the Computer Protection profile settings to ensure that all available security updates get installed.

Update: This issue has now been fixed, due to changes in the PSB backend between 6-7.3.2019.

Internal reference: CSBP-16709