New installations of Freedome for Business fail on iOS and Android

JaliJali Posts: 1,769 F-Secure Employee

Products affected: PSB Freedome for Business, iOS and Android

Problem: PSB syncshield server for all European instances PSB1, PSB4, EUSMI and PSB live died on December 27-28, 2018, and since then it has not been possible to make new installations of Freedome for Business on iOS and Android. All relevant PSB syncshield server services have been restarted without any effect.

Visible effects: Our partners and customers are not able to install Freedome for Business at all.

Workaround: There is no workaround for this issue yet. We are investigating the issue.

ETA: Fixed on January 10 2019.

Internal reference: CSBP-17187 and CSBP-16874


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