New kind of virus alerts (HEUR/APC) started to appear in FSAV PSB, causing possibly false detections


I'm seeing many "HEUR/APC" virus alerts in the FSAV PSB webportal reports lately. This moniker wasn't known previously and the affected files seem to be benign based on name and dir path data, i.e. false alarms. Do you think this situation could be related to the new Capricorn engine?


Thanks in advance: Tamas Feher, Hungary



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  • fedoolfedool Posts: 146 F-Secure Employee
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    Yes, it's Capricorn engine.

    New engine uses much more heuristics and AI so some false positives are inevitable. But it will learn with time to have less and less false positives.

    To learn, it needs false samples - do you have sample files of what was detected? Please submit them as false positives

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