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I have a queery on the new version of Computer Protection.


I am trying to reset UID using FSMAUTIL however I cant' seem to find it under the F Secure directory.


With Workstation Security I was able to access FSMAUTIL from c:\program files\f-secure\common\ however with Computer Protection it doesn't seem to exist.


Any suggestions?


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    Why do you want to reset UID?

    In PSB WKS12 product fsmautil was used to allow imaging and preinstallation of antivirus. And it does not exist in Computer Protection anymore - it's not possible to reset UID after installation.

    WIth Computer Protection you can follow https://help.f-secure.com/product.html?business/psb-portal/latest/en/task_764A7058CC4841F4A0CC222EBF917317-psb-portal-latest-en to do that.

  • I have a device which isn't accepting the activation key.


    It is a resintall of F Secure computer protection as the laptop was recently reloaded.

    In the past when I have had issues with product key activation(not very often) I have managed to get arround them from performing a UID reset.


    And before you ask, the correct procedures were followed in order to remove the software from the device and also to remove the device from the device list via the portal.

  • Have sent a PM


    Many thanks

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