Enabling Trusted Network interface through FSPM 14.00

we have installed FSPM 14.00 in our server and clients having client security premium 14.00.  As per previously FSPM version for enabling trusted network interface in internet shield the same setting exists in FSPM 14.00 also. But in client security premium 14.00 there is no option available for selecting the other network adapter as in previous version 12.31/13.11 same can be selected in firewall -> setting->Trusted Netwok adpter selection. please advise how to enable trusted network adapter in clients having fscsp 14.00

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    Hello ravi12,


    In PM 14 Console only FW settings available in Standard view for 14.x clients ("14.x clients" tab) work for CS 14. Advanced settings doesn't work. So, if you need to configure a trusted network adapter on the client machine, you can do it locally in Windows Firewall or using Group Policy.


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