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On the download page for Server Security, there's a hotfix listed as "F-Secure Server Security Standard 12.12 FSMA Hotfix". The JAR file version of the download points here:




When that is imported into the Policy Manager, it appears as:


F-Secure FSMA 10.10 Hotfix #3 1010.03
ID: FSMA 1010-HF03

Hotfix can be applied to versions: 9.03


When I select the "Installation" tab in the Policy Manager for any server running 12.12 Server Security Standard, this hotfix does not appear as an option for installation. 

Can anyone explain what's going on here? 

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  • VadVad Posts: 1,050 F-Secure Employee
    Accepted Answer

    Hello aimutch,


    Please, use "Install" button on PMC > Installation tab to install this hotfix.

    This hotfix fixes a critical bug in SS/ESS 12.12 Standard/Premium, so we recommend to install it.

    It is configured so, that installation on unsupported products will simply fail, and will not corrrupt anything.


    Best regards,




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