F-secure Key starts automatically when I start my computer

How do I stop F-secure Key to start automatically when I start my computer?


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    There are some points which good to know:

    ->> what is your system; does it Windows? and does it Windows 10?

    ->> what is your F-Secure KEY version?

    My ask is based on next things:

    -- recent F-Secure KEY builds with option (under Settings) for disabling autorun.

    possible to download latest available F-Secure KEY build from its webpage:



    -- Windows 10 with some kind of feature when launched application is 'saved' even after restart.

    So, good to close F-Secure KEY (by rightclick F-Secure KEY tray picture and choose "Quit/Close") before system restart.

    In addition, Windows 10 with specific feature for "shutdown" system. When it works not as real shutdown or even restart. Thus, noted 'some kind of feature' is valid for shutdown / turn on too. As result, good to close F-Secure KEY before system restart or shutdown system.


    Does your experience is about something like this? And does some workarounds/explanation are useful to you?

    Also, some examples of another (a little be outdated) discussions about:


  • I am using Windows 10 on my computer.

    The version of F-secure Key is 4.9.71.

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