Sense as a Wired UTM

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Hello, i bought this unit thinking that we could use as a UTM device. Upon setup we realized that ther seems to be some limitations...or may not work as a traditional UTM.


Our Setup:

Cable Modem - Not integrated / Modem


Open Mesh Cloud Router G-200


Data Switches


Open mesh Wireless AP's


We wanted to use the F-Sense in front or behind the router as a UTM content AV filter only and not for wireless. The F-Sense wireless is not strong enough for the office  and that is why we want to use the F-Sense as a wired AV filter only.


Theorectically, once the cloud traffice hits the F-Sense, all internal traffic is protected by the incoming scanning engine and any internal traffice is protected....All outbound or iOT traffic is already clean and all wireless traffic out is being scanned through the wired network. 


Can someone provide if we can use the F-Secure in this fashion?


many thanks.


  • First of all, Sense is a home product.

    Not sure about this kind of setup, if i remember right the aps for example needed to be in bridged mode after sense. But perhaps others can guide you better on this.

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    This is a home setup. Really surprised that F-Secure hasnt jumped in to discuss??? 


    I guess it comes down to can the F-Sense be a wired UTM - filter/non-router, or not replace my router...and where i dont have to put my AP's in bridge mode?



  • For faster reply from F-Secure, contact them directly via phone or chat. This forum is not the official support place.

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    Hello DigLiv,


    Apologies for the delayed response.


    What qualifies as UTM varies in definition. SENSE is a consumer product, not designed for corporate or office use. SENSE does not do AV filtering in the router. That said, the end-point protection app, which is part of the SENSE service, does have AV on selected platforms. Here is our short summary of what security features SENSE supports on which platform.

    SENSE can be used in wired downstream and wired upstream setup, ie, Modem <-cable-> SENSE <-cable-> 3rd party access point. However, some functions may not work properly in this case, depending on (or maybe independent of) your access point settings. Some 3rd party access points might need to be configured so (eg. bridge mode) that they’d be limited in certain functions of theirs. Eg, details of devices connected to the 3rd party access point may not be available in SENSE. You do need the wireless in SENSE nevertheless as that’s the only way to connect your mobile device to it that runs the SENSE management app.

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