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In Client Security 13.x and later user was able to quickly apply policy changes to host by using F-Secure Client Security->Settings->Other settings->Central management->Check now.

How do it in Client Security 14.x ?


  • Not positive, but I believe it checks for updates during the normal update check.  If you right-click on tray icon, click Check for Updates.  You'll see the Settings Profile version listed.

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    You talk about virus definitions updates, I talk about Policy settings updates.

  • I understand that.  But if you look at the update it show Settings Policy there  as well.

  • I tested it today and it actually showed the Settings Policy updated immediately after applying the changes in Policy Manager.  Not sure if that's typical behavior, but I changed the policy several times right after another and it immediately showed a new version for Settings Policy on the client I was testing on.

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    is there eny command line possibility in series 14 such as "fsmautil POOL was before?




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    Hello JachymM,


    We have fsaua-poll.exe tool for that. Unfortunately it's not included in the CS 14.00 installation package. Please, contact support. They will provide you the binary. Should be placed in c:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\Client Security\.

    We will include it in the package in the next release.


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