How to import from Roboform and autosave my inputs ?

I've used Roboform for many years and I want to import the files into Key, but how ?


And why can't Key not recognize login-data from websites ?

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  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,432 Community Manager
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    Hello DonSenilo,


    I found a similar post here about Roboform and KEY. It is not possible to import the passwords from Roboform password application to Key.




  • SethuSethu Posts: 644 Moderator

    Hello @DonSenilo


    Thank you for choosing the F-secure KEY password manager. Please have a look at this article to see the steps how to import passwords from other password manger with F-secure KEY.


    >>And why can't Key not recognize login-data from websites ?<<


    F-secure KEY has auto-fill feature which helps automatically fill in your username and password when you use your web browser to log in to one of your online services, that you need enable it manually with your browser. See this article to know more information.



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