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  I did a fresh install of Policy Manager 14 in trial mode. I want to import Client Security v14 .jar https://download.f-secure.com/corpro/cs/current/fscs-14.00.4586.jar and do the MSI package. There are a check boxes to choose Standard or Premium version is in use, but no serial number is required. I am able to export MSI package in Premium version and use it. Is that a trial Premium or some bug. Thank you in advance.

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    Hello @nikitov

    You can use the Policy Manager for a 30 day evaluation period. Afterward, you will need the customer number that you can get it from the license certificate to activate the Policy Manager. Click here to know more about the PM activation.

    However, for Endpoint security product such as Client Security Premium 14, the trial keycodes are no longer needed for evaluating the product. The evaluation logic is enforced on the Policy Manager side, which blocks centralized configuration from the Console after the evaluation period expires.

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