open VPN vs. policy manager



how to enable Open VPN connection (Open VPN app in win10) in F-secure policy manager?


I have tried to setup firewall service for Open vpn (udp (17), initiator ports 1024-65535, responder port 1194) and then add that service to FW rules, but no success.


Please help.


  • Rob-K
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    Responder port is 1194 UDP - old versions of OpenVPN used port 5000

  • vpn app is actual, from pfsense fw, so responder port is correct - 1194...

  • MJ-perComp
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    please send a screenshot of your ruleset.

  • here they are:Screenshot 2018-11-20 14.56.35.pngScreenshot 2018-11-20 14.56.05.png

  • MJ-perComp
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    Your rule to allow "outbound" OpenVPN is obsolete, as the third rule (standard) allows all outbound traffic for UDP and TCP already.

    If this is the Server side you need to allow "inbound". just reverse the arrow.
    If you are using Application Control the App should be allowed by that "Allow inbound traffic for known applications"
    Also check if OpenVPN was already blocked. You might then need to remove the entry (to make the defaults work) or manually allow it.

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