F-Secure Scheduled scan not working when computers on batteries.

fsecure.JPGF-Secure Scheduled scan not working when computers on batteries.

Have error message Launch condition not met, computer on batteries. 


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    Hello Worrasate,


    This is a known limitation. We have a special hotfix which provides a possibility to launch Scheduled scan on batteries as well. Please, contact support.


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    That makes sense, because a full computer virus scan can take hours with near 100% CPU usage and almost constant HDD / SSD access. That could deplete the battery and also make it impossible to perform useful work while the scan is running because many laptops throttle, i.e. reduce the CPU / GPU base clocks when on battery power (for example only 1400Mhz available versus 2800MHz when on AC supply).


    BR: Tamas Feher from Hungary.

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