Windows Firewall

I noticed the Windows Firewall integration with v14 Client Security.  We have firewall disabled in GPO.  Should it be enabled in GPO now?  Also, do policies override GPO firewall settings or can we set policies in GPO and/or Client Security?


  • Thanks!  That's how I understood it to work, but wanted to verify.  We had it disabled in GPO to not cause conflicts with 13.11, so I'll turn it on and manage ports through the PM.  Thanks!

  • Rob-K
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    I opened a new threat for handling the Firewall with mixed clients (13/14)

  • i found tutorial firewall in site

  • MJ-perComp
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    Please confige the GPO to have Windows Firewall undefined (neither "active" nor "inactive").
    V14 needs it, V13 should disable MS-FW when the F-Secure FW is active.

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