F-secure content scanner server 6.20 won't update

We have F-Secure Content scanner server version 6.20 Build 14 which has stopped updating.  The last update

was on 12/30/2011 (yipes).  We are up to date on our subscription and believe we need to update the database but I don't see anything here for getting a new version and/or even FSCSS support on here anymore.  Can someone help?  



  • Jouni
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    Hi Taz,


    In fact support for the F-Secure 8-series products and older ended at December 31st, 2011. Since that day the product won't receive any updates. It is highly recommended to upgrade the product to latest version.

    For more information, please refer to following Community post:

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    I did see that but didn't see anything to do with F-secure Content Scanner Server and what the new product is.  We now have 1500 users that no longer are having updates down when they hit a website.   What replaced it and how do we go about getting it.  We pay dearly for support and have a subscription...!

  • Jouni
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    Hi Taz,


    F-secure Content Scanner Server is part of F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange and F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Windows.


    In case the product you are using is AV for Microsoft Exchange, then it's recommended to upgrade to version 9.10. To see whether the OS/Hardware meets the minimum system requirements, please refer to the product's release notes.


    In case it is F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Windows, unfortunately F-Secure has decided to discontinue the development and maintenance of this product. For replacement we have the Linux version available. which is fully supported.

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    > We now have 1500 users that no longer are having updates down when they hit a website


    So you have FSAV CSS hooked directly into a CheckPoint or similar firewall gateway?


    In that case you could install a "beige box" Linux PC, running FSAV IGK version 4.07 gateway antivirus software as a replacement for FTP and HTTP scanning (but not HTTPS). Maybe you even have the right to do that for free.


    (F-Secure has a dedicated appliance offering OEM-made by Proofpoint, which is meant for the gateway-level email filtering job, but no appliance yet for the web gateway purpose.)


    Tamas Feher from Hungary.

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