Disabling banking protection on PSB portal

Hi i would to know on how can i disable banking protection on PSB portal.

i cant seem to see the feature on the PSB portal

please help!!


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  • SethuSethu Posts: 636 Moderator
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    Hello @Rapsoodys


    Yes, its possible to disable it on your PSB.  You can change the settings this following way.


    1 .Login to PSB Portal
    2. Go to Profiles
    3. Choose your profile i.e Computer protection for windows
    4. Choose Browsing protection
    5. Choose  Connection Control, disable Do not interrupt active internet connections, setting that can be used the disable the feature fully.



  • Thanks!

    The client is  using F-Secure workstation and server security.

    i cant seem to find the option to disable "Do not interrupt active internet connections" setting.

    i see that setting is available on computer protection profile.

    is the a way to disable banking protection on workstation and server security  ?


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