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I can confirm that "Sense" has been added to my
My.F-Secure together with my "Total" subscription, which has been extended
until July 1st 2019. Also I'm happy with "Sense" which is also working fine.

However, marked on the top right of the front of the box in which "Sense"
came in, it says "1 Year security subscription included". The cover for
this starts on what date,
and will end on what date?

Yes I do have "Total" which was due to expire on December 31st 2018. So, I
thought that I could perhaps let the "Total" expire, and then I would still
"Sense", and could instead add just "Freedome" for example. It would cost
me less, and added to "Sense" that would be equivalent to "Total". So I

But I'm now told after buying "Sense",that to ensure that the "Sense"
subscription continues, then I will have to renew "Total"?
So what about the "1 Year security subscription", have I lost that?
I don't understand?

When I thought about buying "Sense" I thought maybe, that I would save on
the subscription I had to buy. I will make a saving, I think, because the
subscription will also cover my desktop computer which always stays at
home. That currently has a subscription of "F-Secure Internet Security"
my son paid for, and which expires on July 31st 2019. So that should mean 1
subscription for all my gadgets, but how many gadgets will "Total" cover?

So understandably I'm confused, and disappointed.


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    Hello John088,


    I would recommend to contact our support team here so that they can look on your license information and advise further.

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    Thank you Laksh for your advice. I have already contacted the support team about this, and it is they who sent me a link to this community site. They have sorted out my problem with Sense to my satisfaction, but the purpose of my post here was to inform the "Sense" team about how I feel regarding Sense and Total, so they could take my and other peoples' views about this into consideration whilst deliberating about what kind of subscription they want to use for Sense.

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    Hello John088,


    Thank you for bringing your feedback with us.


    I have escalated your post internally and we are looking into it at the moment. One of our support team member will be getting back to you to check further on this.




  • John088
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    Thank you Laksh, I really appreciate that.


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