Sense Router firmware updated to v1.7.104.20 - Heads-Up - Port Forwarding config may get deleted

BryanA Posts: 9 New Member

After this firmware automatic update, the Port Forwarding configuration I had previously created on my Sense Router, had been deleted, I assume as a consequence of a bug in the firmware update process.


So if your remote access stops working, for the device defined in your Port Forward rule, check your Sense Router, and re-create the Port Forwarding config.


Hint : Make a copy of the Port Forwarding rules so that you can easily re-create them if this happens again.


  • Checked and I experienced the same.

    Luckily I have only one port fowarding which I remember and can also lookup easily.

  • JOnes
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    Experienced the same also,port forwarding tables need to be reconfigured even Sense got smarter

  • D-Fens2
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    I also have other issues with this firmware:


    - devices in the guest-wifi stay active, even if they have left the range of wifi many hours ago.

    - my xiaomi air purifier cannot longer connect to the guest wifi


    older issues not fixed with this update:


    - since many months my sonos play one stops play every few minutes, the distance between Sense and Sonos is only ~ 3-4 meters.

    - new devices are not in the event log

    - no more new blocked sites in log


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello Everyone,


    Thank you for reporting this.


    Yes, the current firmware update v1.7.104.20 does delete the port forwarding rules from SENSE. However, this has been brought to the SENSE team's attention and we are currently investigating on this further.


    Apologies for the trouble caused.

  • BryanA
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    I can also confirm that the SENSE threat log is NOT recording new blocked site events after this firmware update was applied. SENSE blocks suspect sites with the appropriate warning browser page, but the event is not logged by SENSE
  • BryanA
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    @Laksh Thanks for the response. I suggest that the SENSE team should carry out far more extensive testing before releasing any further firmware updates. It seems this latest version has broken a number of features. Including : Port Forwarding config, Threat Event Log ... and possibly others I have not personally experienced ... YET
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