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mDNS / Bonjour being extensively used on MAC I was wondering how to enable mDNS broadcasting on all ports of the Sense router.


The scenario is the following, all Wi-Fi hosts do properly see each others and are PINGable.


Other hosts connected on the LAN ports of the Sense are invisible from WiFi and vice versa.


So how should I configure the router to enable this ? 


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    Hello Dom-D,


    mDNS is supported on the SENSE router and is expected to work across WiFi/Ethernet connections. Devices connected to the SENSE router via Ethernet and WiFi (not guest WiFi) should be able to see one another and access services via Bonjour.


    Are all the devices directly connected to SENSE, and see one another when changing their connection between WiFi and Ethernet?

    Is the problem new or has always been present? If the problem persists, please contact support here via chat or phone for further troubleshooting.

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    After investigation the problem is limited to non Apple devices using Bonjour (e.g. Synology)

    MacOS Mojave is probably resolving mDNS names differently.

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