How to read KEY Export File .fsk or where to import?

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The "plain" text in export file *.fsk is really hard to read. Could it be more PLAIN?


So i guess only option to move the data to other password manager is doing it manually one by one? No other manager seems to support .fsk files.




  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    I think that  .fsk's 'plain text'-term is used for clarification that such file (data) is not encrypted at all.

    So, file is not protected against 'plain' reading passwords and critical exported data.

    And, probably, such functionality is also expected to be used with F-Secure KEY (for example, if I do not use F-Secure KEY Premium or sync-devices were broken -- I do export data and then import it after 'clean' reinstallation F-Secure KEY under device).


    I'm not sure how 'import'-functionality is designed with passwords managers - but just interesting did you try to import .fsk-file to certain one? Or it is just common ask and request for more compatible exported F-Secure KEY format (if it is not supported by third-party password managers currently)?

    I think that .fsk looks as generic .json-format (which is quite popular and plain for support; where exceptions are that F-Secure KEY can be with more or less fields and entries than expected by another password manager).


    // there was discussion about subject -- where F-Secure KEY users suggested certain tools (or manual steps instruction) for converting .fsk to .csv (which is supported by some of passwords managers, at least) or from .csv to F-Secure KEY supported format (when import functionality was limited to certain ones only).



  • Mike-North
    Mike-North Posts: 8 New Member

    Yes i tried to import it to KeepassX but .fsk is not on the list, a lot of other password managers were supported.


    Keepass2 seemed to only be able to import keepass1 export-file.


    I guess moving the passwords from F-secure key to something that works on linux you just need to manually type them: have the windows pc beside linux-pc. The export_file.fsk is not really nice to read since it is a mess with all the additional.


    Converting fsk to csv or other would certainly be nice.



  • Ukko
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    Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure about official statement (maybe such feature is planned by F-Secure KEY team) - good if there will be response.


    As my own unofficial steps -- I tried to do next things:

    -- search online converter "json to csv" (pretty large count of online services).

    -- create two KEY entries with all fields (password-type) and export it to .fsk;

    -- then I upload it to service (as .json-file; or even as .fsk) and download .csv result-file;

    -- install KeePass 2.40(?) and try to import as generic CSV. There was many options to modify data and abilities to doublecheck import-options; by default there was troubles as title is comes to password field; and password is not visible.


    BUT trouble is that 'online converter'-service is pretty suspicious and tricky to use for critical passwords.

    For except.. if there are some too 'trusted' converters. Also, I feel that troubles with import to KeePass was with not perfect 'csv' (or that I did not play too much with options during import). But it is not friendly anyway.


    Thus, I tried to search some more and found next one github-repository (sounds that it is created for situation just like your current one):

    if you are friendly with python scripts under Linux and, for example, do able to review '.py'-script against suspicious or tricky functionality - possible to use it; because there visible src and what it should to do (compared to 'unclear' design of online converters). And it is designed exactly for F-Secure KEY / KeePass situation.


    Just as side note - I did not try to use "fsk2csv" and I am not sure if it is still works (or who is owner of such tool; probably related discussion under community were about something else).

    But maybe it is more good than "manual import" one by one (or own try to play with .fsk to .csv).



  • Mike-North
    Mike-North Posts: 8 New Member

    Hi, thanks for the effort and reply. Online scanner really is not an option. I'll do it one by one since there is only like 100 passwords. Atleast i can check for deletable ones.



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