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Just wondering again why Key which is part of the premium security product Total fared so badly in the test of th Kuluttaja magazine.

Are the test results for Key availalble here? (The whole Kuluttaja test is available for fee)

In the mean time I am using Keypass which got one point more and is freeware.

I wanna know if I should switch as I have Total


  • Laksh
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    Hello martink,


    Regarding KEY in TOTAL, F-Secure TOTAL now also includes KEY which keeps your important credentials safe in one secure password manager as mentioned in this article. You can take KEY into use if you have TOTAL. Please check the article here for more information regarding the licensing.


    About the test, I will check with the product team and get back to you.

  • Laksh
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    Hello martink,


    Could you please share with us the link of the test?

  • Katriina_M
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    Hi @martink,

    Thanks for your comments regarding the Kuluttaja test. Here is the response from our product team, who emphasize that our product highlights the security and privacy aspects.


    "F-Secure KEY complements F-Secure's internet security products by offering basic password management capabilities built with industry-leading security. F-Secure KEY is a secure storage for passwords, PIN codes and other pieces of personal information.


    Our focus has been on security and privacy aspects in order to make sure your passwords and other data are not compromised. KEY has been designed to help create unique high quality passwords and store them securely, while guiding towards better password practices.


    Naturally, we continue developing KEY further, so now is a great opportunity to share your views about which other benefits you value in addition to security and privacy."


    I hope this helps to answer your question.

  • martink
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    Sorry to say no.


    My understanding is that one of the sales arguments for any security product is fear. That is the ability to reduce fear for loss of sensitive valuable data, privacy and so on.


    WIth AV and newer types what happens in the best case you get top level security, it works fine real time and the user never has to take any action.


    With Key the use case is different you need to make entries, delete them, sometimes modify and frequently access them on one or more devices and networks. That means that the usability is more important than with AV products.


    I've been happy with the usability of F-Prot, IS, Safe, Total, Freedome, IS TP, maybe not as happy with the UI of ULAV. That to me suggests that F-Seccure can design an UI for easy use.


    I have not seen the test so I was wondering how exactly did Key score and was asking if you could share the test results for Key so that I could see myself. Somehow I got the impression that the test results were about the GUI and usability or maybe not. If they were how come Key was not as good those products above.

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