KEY activate in Vivaldi-Browser

How can I start KEY in the Vivaldi browser?

There is no place in the Menu-Tools-Extensions for the authorithasion-Code.


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    I think that this browser (as most of other webkit/blink-browsers; where Google Chrome is exception and only supported browser) is not supported by KEY extension.


    But did you mean that it was possible to install F-Secure KEY extension (from Google extension store as example) and extension is not working?

    Otherwise - maybe it is possible to try install F-Secure KEY extension (from Google store) if your browser with abilities to do so. And check if possible to use it.


    I think that only Google Chrome and Firefox browsers are officially supported for F-Secure KEY extension (browser-autofill feature). For another browsers - workaround is something like to use "system-autofill"-feature (possible to locate it under F-Secure KEY settings for autofill options).


    Or to create feature request for official support another browser:


  • Thanks for your reply.

    You can install KEY via Chrome Store in Vivaldi.

    But there is no part in the Tools to write the activate-code in.

    So KEY is not "activated"  for Vivaldi.

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    You can install KEY via Chrome Store in Vivaldi.
    But there is no part in the Tools to write the activate-code in.
    So KEY is not "activated"  for Vivaldi.

    Based on such article and my small experience with F-Secure KEY browser extension:

    there should be 'KEY'-picture/logo in the browser's panel. When F-Secure KEY is launched and unlocked - possible to choose this logo and 'field' for auth-code can be visible (browser-autofill should be chosen under own F-Secure KEY settings). Does your description about "the Tools" is about such place (or did you try to check common extension's settings)?

    Sorry that I did not try with Vivaldi-browser, but I tried to check situation with current Opera browser.

    I did next steps:

    -> install Opera (own) extension for ability to download Chrome extension from Google Store;

    -> install F-Secure KEY extension then;

    KEY-logo is appeared in the browser's panel and it was possible to add auth-code into it (but I did not try to check if autofill is working).

    Just as with Google Chrome (or Firefox) as officially supported browser (and extension is designed for it).


    Does with your experience and Vivaldi-browser:

    --  there is KEY logo after extension installation?

    -- if yes - does it possible to choose logo and check status?


    If the KEY-logo is not added to browser's panel (or any other places with related functionality) - based on Vivaldi article:

    good to contact them about differences with 'extenson workflow' between browsers (because expected that there should not be any differences).




  • Thank you!

    Forgot to look for the KEY-Icon.

    But it is there.

    Now I could activate KEY.

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