SENSE new hardware version


Do you plan to design new Sense hardware includes latest networking technologies.

I suggest the following improvements in the future new Sense hardware version:

  • Compatible with Wi-Fi EasyMesh for best WiFi coverage at home and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Easy Connect for easy and security connect Sense with IoT devices
  • Larger and better dot matrix display for example similar to the Ubiquiti AmpliFi device
  • 4 LAN ports and add USB-C port
  • USB-C Power Delivery imput (for example Tp-link Deco Mesh system uses USB-C power supply)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for pairing with smartfone
  • Faster processor, larger RAM and ROM capacity for firmware

I also suggest offer discount for current Sense users if new Sense hardware will be offered in preorder.


I also suggest redesign desktop Sense app and publish Sense app on Mac AppStore and Windows Store. 

The Sense app you downloaded from the Mac AppStore or Windows Store would require a different way to confirm your subscription instead of the app downloaded from local Sense site. I suggest fill code from mobile Sense app or scan QR code using mobile Sense app (for example this is similar to pairing Signal or WhatsApp desktop)


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    Hello pawelnyczaj,


    Thank you for your development ideas. We will consider them in our planning of the product development.

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