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Running fssspr 12.12 on a windows server that is on DMZ. Client can check policies from PMS, but virus definitions are outdated. 
Settings -> automatic updates says that the Update Server is, to which client cannot connect. How do I get the client to get updates from PMS and not trying
Also, what ports and addresses should be allowed to connect to the security cloud ?

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    Hello hyvokar,


    "Client can check policies from PMS" means that your fssspr is installed in Centralized management mode, right? In this case the default server for fetching updates is PM (or PM proxy, if configured).

    Uncheck the "Allow falling back to F-Secure update server if PM Proxies are inaccessable" check box on Settings (Standard view) > Automatic updates page in PMC, to prevent usage of in case PM is unreachable. Note that for fetching updates the client uses http protocol. Https is used for delivering policies/statistics.

    Try to connect to PM from the client's browser using PM's IP or DNS name. You should see the PM welcome page.


    We have a KB article about connection to the cloud:


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