Rapid Detection and Response Windows Client change log

One component in the Rapid Detection and Response ecosystem is the client installed on Windows endpoints. We have had a standalone version available, and are preparing to make available combination clients with Protection Service for Business (PSB) Computer Protection clients.


In this thread, we will announce new releases and you can expect to see new ones frequently. Our clients are updated to the latest version automatically even though not immediately - new installations may see newer version for a period of time than what you have installed.


   Maaret on behalf of the fellows working on the Windows endpoint client



  • maaretpmaaretp Posts: 66
    We are happy to announce availability of 18.10 series clients:
    •     Rapid Detection and Response 18.10 (standalone)
    What is new with 18.10?
    • Rapid Detection and Response (standalone) user interface reports a status "unknown" when sensor is unavailable. This is particularly useful in installing and getting the product functional, to know when it is in a ready state. 
    • F-Secure Diagnostic tool is now localized
    • Network isolation functionality including reporting status to the backend as designed is available
  • RomanHRomanH Posts: 12 F-Secure Employee

    A new version of the endpoint clients is made available. The release of clients makes available these products to install with an appropriate subscription key:


    • Computer Protection 18.18 (4.00.6253)
    • Computer Protection Premium 18.18 (4.00.6253)
    • Computer Protection & Rapid Detection and Response 18.18 (4.00.6253)
    • Computer Protection Premium & Rapid Detection and Response 18.18 (4.00.6253)

    The clients get automatically upgraded for clients in the 18.1x series of Computer Protection clients, without a reboot.


    This release introduces:

    • Fixes and improvements. Installation flows, sending status information, online scanning, Firewall status showing in the user interface, Software Updater
    • Under the hood improvements (preparing to enable customizing and localizing) to new user interfaces: Isolation, RDR standalone user interface

    Should you notice anything worth a mention or question, we always welcome your feedback.
    On behalf of the R&D team working on the endpoint Windows clients,

    by @maaretp


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  • maaretpmaaretp Posts: 66
    A new version of the endpoint clients is made available. With the standalone installer and embedded key, you will now get:
    •     Rapid Detection and Response 19.2 (4.02.1067)  

    The combination product installer makes available these products to install with an appropriate subscription key:

    • Computer Protection 19.2 (4.02.1067)
    • Computer Protection Premium 19.2 (4.02.1067)
    • Computer Protection & Rapid Detection and Response 19.2 (4.02.1067)
    • Computer Protection Premium & Rapid Detection and Response 19.2 (4.02.1067)

    What is new with 19.2 standalone?

    • Can be installed on multiple languages using a command line argument, e.g "-l fi"

    What is new with  the 19.2 combination products?

    • New user interface using .NET - first changed is the About box.
    • PSB managed remote F-Secure diagnostics. Admins can now request a diagnostic tool run from the portal to initiate asking permission for it on the endpoint. With permission, the file is made directly available for F-Secure with an identifier the admins can use in their support contacts.
    • First-level properties for WMI. To support RMM tool integration, we added WMI properties and simplified the interface for more straighforward integration. We now support RMM with Kasaya and will add documentation on it to  make it more widely accessible.
    • Fixes. Many enhancements on installation scenarios, software updater, browsing protection and remotely managed firewall. Crashes in components that happen silently.
    • Improvements. List of IP addresses for autoswitch rules so that you can define single rule for multiple addresses. WINS support for autoswitch rules.
    • Separate sidegrade package to run in MSI remote installations.

    NOTE: For this release you will see a need of reboot in a special case. If at time of installing there is an application running that uses .NET that we are upgrading to version 4.7.2, a reboot is needed. This reboot is not asked visibly, but only through the downloads list with the PSB module status "Reboot needed". The version 19.1 will continue to be fully operational while the reboot is pending.


    Also, a fraction percentage of our installed base will see PSB module status "Will try again". This means that something blocked us from upgrading .NET to version 4.7.2, usually the reason being that the computer is running an older version of e.g. Windows 10 where Microsoft is not supporting this version. In this case, check that .NET 4.7.2 is supported on the Windows version the computer is running and if the status remains, please reach out to us. Also in this case, the version 19.1 will continue to be fully operational.

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