What happened to IE support?

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Dear Sirs,


F-Secure Key used to work with username / password forms in the Internet Explorer web browser (e.g. Windows 8.1 x64 computer). About 2 weeks ago that fortunate situation changed and now IE requires manual copy. IE is important for business use, many portals only work with it, so please restore FSC Key support ASAP!


I would also like to see FSC Key support fingerprint / USB token / smartcard auth instead of a manually typed long password.

Thanks in advance, Yours Sincerely:
Tamas Feher, 2F 2000 Kft., Budapest, Hungary.


  • Laksh
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    Hello Tamas,


    F-Secure KEY only supports the browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as mentioned in this article.

  • etomcat
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    Dear Laksh,

    That article you quote has been recently modified. Previously (until a few weeks ago) FSC Key worked properly in IE, but F-Secure unilaterally removed support. The lack of IE compatibility makes F-Secure's password safe technology practically unusable in business and institutional environments.

    I feel sorry that F-Secure is a defetist company, who are always on the retreat: if there is a problem or difficulty with a module, they remove functionality, instead of fixing it and expanding funtionality, like KL or Sophos or Trend Micro do. Such behaviour has reduced F-Secure Corp. from an entity to a sub-microscopic dot on the infosecurity magic quadrant map over the past 15 years.


    Why not reverse the trend, return IE and add Edge web browser support for FSC Key technology?


    Best regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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    Sorry for my reply.


    Just as my own potential feelings:


    -> previously there was only one option for autofill.

    -> with recent F-Secure KEY builds (for home use, at least) there are two options for autofill:

    -- system autofill (work as before for system and for Internet Explorer probably).

    -- browser autofill (work for Google Chrome and Firefox as part of F-Secure KEY browser addons).


    Maybe your experience is about such state when autofill-option is disabled or 'browser autofill' is chosen; while 'system autofill' is needed for Internet Explorer for previous design.


    Or does your experience is about total 'trouble' with Internet Explorer even with "system autofill"-chosen option under Settings? Or autofill-abilities with changes compared to previous builds (anyway)?



  • etomcat
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    Dear Ukko,


    Thanks for your quick response!


    > there are two options for KEY autofill:
    > system autofill (work as before for system and for Internet Explorer probably).
    > browser autofill (work for Google Chrome and Firefox


    Regrettably, those options are mutually exclusive. That means, to use Firefox and IE concurrently one would have to constantly change the integration setting in F-Secure KEY to support credentials autofill in either this browser or that web browser. That's not what I'd call a practically usuable solution!


    Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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