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I've looked everywhere to find the reason why in Firefox Quantum suddenly the Gmail interface was displaying a tiny font. Only the Gmail interface had this problem, that I know off. Other sites were working properly.


Update 22 August: almost all sites have the problem: Google, webmail clients etc. [Topic subject adjusted]


After a online search I found nothing usefull. It's not a zoom issue, I repeat not a zoom issue.


I started checking my addons one by one. Simply disabeling the F-Secure KEY addon for Firefox restored the font to normal. Turning the addon back on made the Gmail interface font unreadable again.


Is this a known issue and if yes what is the eta for a update/fix?




  • Rbbiz1
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    I've now also noticed the problem in a different webmail client and search engines. So not just limited to Gmail.


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Just as my own feedback:


    -> situation is not pinned even for Firefox too.


    Probably such 'trouble' is valid for Google Chrome too. For example, I repeated trouble(?!) with Google Mail font-size under Google Chrome.

    And it is visible that even with HTML-mode of Google Mail -> there are differences with view of page (kind of full-size of window rather than some borders around as with disabled KEY addon).


    I think that something is added by F-Secure KEY extension(or feature of webkit browsers) as additional 'content' to page and it will break certain size of some elements. As result, pages where used something like percent-size (some percent of some element size) feature are potentially with 'changed' view (and it can be trouble view); or any other strange explanations for changes with view.


    Maybe it is good to contact their official F-Secure Support Channel (chat as example):



  • Laksh
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    Hi Rbbiz1,


    Could you please provide a screenshot of the font size when it happens?


  • Rbbiz1
    Rbbiz1 Posts: 24

    Fixed! Thank you!

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