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a weird issue recently arose with my desktop PC that connects to Sense directly over Ethernet. First symptom was that DNS stopped working, even though the DNS server address was correctly set to Sense's IP. When I manually set another DNS server, addresses get resolved, but no response from any external server gets through. Here are the conditions that make this peculiar:


- all local network connections for this PC work fine through sense (Web, shares, etc.)

- other machines (phones, laptop) connected to Sense work fine, and get the same settings (DNS & gateway) from Sense

- if I connect the PC directly to my modem that stands in front of the Sense, everything works perfectly on the PC (doing that right now)


I'm baffled. It's the same for all of Sense's Ethernet ports - other machines work fine, this one doesn't. I haven't reset the Sense yet, hoping not to lose my conf. Any suggestions on what to try before that?




  • Reset your PC's network stack/ipv4, Windows 10 has built-in feature for it in the troubleshooting settings.


    If that doesn't help. Try reinstalling lan drivers.


    And also check your pc's ipv4 settings for the land adapter, set them to automatic. Also you could set sense's dns to and see if it helps.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I've done all the steps you suggested for the PC, to no avail. I didn't expect improvement either, since the non-Sense (haha) connection for the PC works fine. That sounds to me like the issue would with Sense. Then again, other devices work fine with it...


    What do you mean by setting Sense's DNS to The WAN DNS, or Sense's own IP? I tried changing the WAN DNS address to, but that change anything. The PC doesn't connect, other machines do. Same if use as DNS on the PC.

  • That's exactly what i meant, set it in sense's wan settings.


    Well now we need information about your pc, especially the lan adapter hw and software version. You using win10?

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    Ok, running Win 10 Pro, build 17134. The adapter is motherboard-integrated, Realtek 8111F Gigabit LAN. MB is Asus M5A97 LE R2.0.


    Current driver, recently re-installed, is Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller, date 2015/07/23, driver version 10.3.723.2015.


    Anything else that would be useful?

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    So, now I've pretty much done it all, including Sense reset & complete reconfig. Before that, I had an extra NIC lyin aroung, so I plugged that into the PC. Exact same behavior - works perfectly when connected to my modem, but can only access internal network when connected to Sense. 


    Sense reset had no effect, so it seems the problem is something specific to this machine, but not specific to the NIC.


    I have nothing left to try, so if anyone still has suggestions, I'm happy to hear them. 

  • Try Ubuntu live usb and see if Nic works in it.

    If it does work, then it is a windows problem.

    Then backup windows and reset it.



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    Thanks, that was a good idea. Gave me a few more things to try, but no luck.


    Ubuntu behaved exactly the same way - connected fine through the modem, not at all through Sense. So Windows isn't the issue either. It gave me the idea to check for a BIOS update, which I found and installed, but the behavior persisted.


    So far I've ruled out:

    - NIC

    - OS

    - cable


    It's hard for me to imagine a motherboard fault that would only break the Sense connection. But that's pretty much all that's left. Unless you can still come up with something to try Smiley Happy

  • Maybe you should ask from fsecure support via chat or phone for more help.

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