Policy Manager Server takes over all HTTPS (port 443) requests



On the same server we are running both F-Secure Policy Manager Server and several web services (helpdesk system, phpMyAdmin...). We would like to switch these web services to HTTPS but all HTTPS connections end up on a "If you see this message, F-Secure Policy Manager Server is installed and is working fine." page, blocking the intended web page.


I can see that it is possible to use a different port for FSPMS (https://community.f-secure.com/t5/Business/how-to-change-the-policy-manager/td-p/88251) but I am afraid of not getting the policy out to all clients. Is there any other solution to have both HTTPS pages and FSPMS on the same machine?


  • Langley
    Langley Posts: 7

    Thanks, that is what I was afraid of. We have decided to move F-Secure to a virtual server.

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