Policy Manager Server takes over all HTTPS (port 443) requests



On the same server we are running both F-Secure Policy Manager Server and several web services (helpdesk system, phpMyAdmin...). We would like to switch these web services to HTTPS but all HTTPS connections end up on a "If you see this message, F-Secure Policy Manager Server is installed and is working fine." page, blocking the intended web page.


I can see that it is possible to use a different port for FSPMS (https://community.f-secure.com/t5/Business/how-to-change-the-policy-manager/td-p/88251) but I am afraid of not getting the policy out to all clients. Is there any other solution to have both HTTPS pages and FSPMS on the same machine?

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    You can not run several services on the same port
    What ever you do it will end up with a change in the communication that you need to tell each client via policy BEFORE you do the change:

    1) Migrate PMS to a dedicated server
    2) Change PMS communication ports (use port forwaring in the windows firewall for some time to redirect the old port to the new until all hosts have received the new policy)




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    Thanks, that is what I was afraid of. We have decided to move F-Secure to a virtual server.

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