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F-Secure Client Security 13.11 not update Virus Definition

We have updated the workstations from version 9 to 13. Now we are unable to update the virus definitions. The log is: "Update check completed successfully. No updates are available." but it reports 7-day old definitions (that's the day we updated the product).
I've also tried to turn off Policy Manager - then the update server is "" but I will not update it.
When I uninstall and then install Client Security, the update is new, but the next day is not updating.
I tried "fsaua-reset.exe" but it did not help.

Here: is fsaua.log and and screen of updating.

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  • VadVad Posts: 1,047
    Accepted Answer

    Hello Tormen,


    Most likely the root of your problems is upgrade from 7 years old 9 version to the latest. It was not verified for 13.x versions, and basing on your fsdaig I can see that it doesn't work properly.

    I would recommend you to uninstall the product with uninstallation tool, and then install it again on clean machine(s).


    Best regards,



  • TormenTormen Posts: 2

    thank you - I will try.
    I've got a new customer (I'm an external IT administrator), and the previous  IT administrator has left the old versions - I do not know why.

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