SENSE appears to be blocking Hive in the UK

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The Hive hub connections appear to be blocked by SENSE. The hub is showing as disconnected but if I replace the router then it all works fine.


The hub does a connection to AWS on 443 and keeps it alive afaics.


Would love to give you more info but SENSE doesn't appear to allow to view any useful log information to diagnose.


This happened recently with one of the firmware upgrades since it all used to work fine.


  • Pavitra
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    Hi attempto,


    Welcome to F-Secure Community !


    Sorry to hear about the inconvenience on SENSE. For this issue, needs further help from our Support Team. Kindly contact our Support Team here via chat or phone.


    Thank you

  • attempto
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    This is broken again with the latest firmware. Is there an email support?

  • Laksh
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    Hi attempto,


    You can get in touch with our support team via chat or phone as mentioned in the above reply. Once you can contact our support team, they will communicate further via email to you.


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