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I have been experiencing issues trying to join a live webinar (presented through, also known as - from LogMeIn Inc.).  I use a Windows Server O/S.


On both occasions I have joined the webinar successfully but the video link session window has timed out.  LogMeIn support have requested remote access to my PC to troubleshoot the issue and I have declined (I have a "trust nobody policy"), so no support has been offered.


This same problem also affects my Mac laptop (running High Sierra O/S).


On Opensesame,  certain (pre-recorded) video courses start,  but the video player window is empty and eventually times out. (an example of this is the course named: "Azure: Advanced Virtual Machine Deployment from Intellezy (duration - 1:15hrs). Other courses work as normal.  (Support from OpenSesame suggested whitelisting the following domains in my firewall



If I bypass my Sense Router (and  plug in directly to the Broadband hub) - the webinar works as normal,  and the OpenSesame course runs perfectly.


There is no log of anything being blocked in the Sense App threats list,  so I cannot create a bypass or make an exception (whitelist).


Short of always bypassing the F-Secure Sense router for GoToWebinar/GoToMeetings, and some OpenSesame courses  - how do I go about resolving this issue?


By the way,  Zoom Meetings and WebEx meetings both work normally through F-Secure Sense router


Thank you


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