Is there a way to allow Teamviewer application on F-SECURE PROTECTION FOR BUSINESS

Hello Team,


My enterprise uses Teamviewer and I need to whitelist this application.

I can see on workstation security I can add the application on the client.

Is there a way to allow from F-Secure PSB as we have 500+ hosts?

Can I add this under profiles?

I don't find the field Trusted applications.


We are using F-Secure Protection Service For Business v 1.0.522




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  • NiklasSalonenNiklasSalonen Posts: 3
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    The answer depends on what kind of whitelisting you mean.

    In the portal profile editor under Real-time scanning> DeepGuard you can specify which applications are allowed to do system modifications. There's also the option under firewall settings where you can enable the setting: "Do not prompt for applications that DeepGuard has identified". This will affect other applications as well however.


    If you mean, application specific, application control whitelisting then I'm afraid you can't do it through the portal for workstation security clients. This feature seems to only exist in the portal for Computer Protection Premium clients.


    Hopefully this answers your question, otherwise please explain what kind of whitelisting you meant.



  • Ashley_JAshley_J Posts: 4

    Hello Niklas,


    Thank you very much for response.

    I will do it by adding SHA-1 for Teamviewer version in DeepGuard then.

    Hopefully Application Control on the clients will allo the app.




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